Saturday, September 4, 2010

CoutureCouture.... I wish you were mine. I originally saw the gorgeous sequin jacket on and couldn't pick my jaw off the ground! I had to post about it along with other select items that are on my wish (maybe someday) list. Check out her's all about couture, if you couldn't tell from the title :p.

half tint sunglasses
mary-kate looks AMAZING in them :) I heard they only sell them in who wants to come with me? haha no but seriously!

draped sequin and mesh jacket $2,205
such a great piece to add some sparkle to your night :) I'm in love and speechless.

Marc Jacobs
garbo leather clutch $1,195
as you can see..I'm really into nudes probably because they go with everything! I love clutches. I haven't really broken out to big purses(I only have a few). I'm more of a small/clutch purse kinda girl. Who's with me?
Jimmy Choo
nude patent leather sandals $950
these leg-lengthening sandals are great with just about anything! :)

Stella McCartney
wool-felt cloche hat $345
1920s inspired hat (with a presh bow on the side!) gives a great feminine touch to your outerwear. This hat just screams London to me, which means another stop on my world tour! haha (still serious)

Alexander McQueen
silk and wool knit leggings $1,020
what a work of art! pair them with a simple blouse and let the leggings do the talkin' ;)
As I said before, I saw one of the items on cc's blog and where she had found them. It's a greattt website! This website features manyyy designers such as: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney,Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Willow,Lanvin, Christian Louboutin and tons more! :) Check it outtt!
I hope everyone enjoys this great long holiday weekend! I know I will!
Update with AnnTaylorLoft: training this Wednesday! :) :)


  1. wow... that sequin blazer is so beautiful.

  2. I know! :] it blows me away! <3

  3. pleeeeeease don't tempt me! :P amazing pieces... esp the sunglasses... ok you tempted me ...


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