Tuesday, February 24, 2015



The final award show, the final carpet. Highlights from the carpet: see below, although I honestly can't pick my favorite. There was a lot of texture, beading, statement necklaces, and a lot of color: red, white, black, blush, and greens. Every dress I chose had a different flare and not one had the same cut. Simple hair-dos and make-up graced the carpet with the elegant gowns which was honestly the icing on the cake. Perfection. I also added a few of my favorite men from the carpet, they deserve a shout out too!


While the actual show wasn't all that exciting for me, I thoroughly enjoyed Common and John Legends performance and acceptance speeches. I also, HANDS DOWN, think that Lady Gaga stole the show with her mash up from the Sound of Music. She's so freaking talented. I cannot deal.

Until next time...working on a DIY project and hoping for the best ha!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outfit: Fifty Shades of Grey

Last Thursday, I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey in the outfit below. Before you get cray, no I did not wear different shades of grey (too obvious), and the black and blue theme is not me hinting at any underlined feelings I have towards the actions in the movie. I chose this outfit because it has been extremely cold in east coast, elements of grey and leather (intentional) were integrated into my outfit, and I love a good thigh high. 

A lot of reviews have been written, and I'd like to tell you mine.. I'm first and foremost a fan of the books, character, and story, because it is unlike anything I've ever read before. I am not a movie critic, but there have been movies I didn't care for...this one, however, is not one of them. I knew going into the movie that books are always better, our minds have a way of mapping out the story as it unfolds and creating this world as if we are there. Some of the movie went out of sequence, and even some events completely left out, but I still enjoyed seeing the book brought to life. As expected, 98% of the theater were females, some brought their other halves, forced most likely but nonetheless, and then a couple creepy old men that were alone. No judgement, just a tad uncomfortable. Dakota Johnson exceeded my expectations as Ana, I thought she embodied the character quite well, she was even funny! Jamie Dornan was not who I would have cast, but seeing him in the role, he did a fine job and I'm hoping for a second film to be in the making soon. His irish accent even slipped a few times, which I didn't hate. (Eek!) So, go see it book readers! I'm going to go see it a second time this weekend, don't judge me! haha I'm still not emotionally ready to move on.. 
    (thigh highs: h&m, necklace: loft, skirt: loft, turtle neck:
    express, boots: bandolino) 

    Dear E.L. James, thank you for taking me to a place I never thought imaginable.  

  #fashiongoals ^ I need a leather, black back pack in my life, asap. Hell, let's throw in a Jamie Dornan while we're at it..his beard though <3 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dakota Johnson Style

   With early screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey happening tomorrow night, I wanted to do a post focusing on the lead star, Dakota Johnson. Below are some of her press outfits, red carpet looks, met gala from last year, street style, and just a few of the magazines covers she's landed.

 I'll admit, I'm a little too excited to see this movie. Like millions of other people, I read the trilogy and couldn't read fast enough. I laughed, I cried, and sometimes cringed. I read them all in under a week, losing plenty of sleep but surprisingly never felt tired. 

I'm coming late to all the hype and phenomena the books and now movie are generating, having just read them two weeks ago. I'm never exactly "on the same page" as everyone else, and I wouldn't want to change that about myself. Anyway, after reading the books and knowing who they cast, based purely on looks, I felt they could of cast different leads. You know as you read you picture someone so clearly that fiction becomes reality in your mind, or is that just me? And if so, will someone make sure my white room has something floral in it so I feel at home?  *haha 

Here are some of my favorite looks of Dakota's...seems like she'd be a cool chick to hang out with/raid closets. 




      Loving Jamie Dornan so much more with a beard, whoa!

Friday I'll be posting what I wore to the screening, and my thoughts about the movie. :)



Quick post today on my favorite looks from the Grammys. What a great night of performances, I really liked the mash-ups and different artists they paired together.  I can't really pick a favorite look because they were all so different and each persons' own style. Grammys is a fun, and elegant red carpet and I love to see what the artists decide to wear. 

Did anyone else see Kanye almost do a repeat of his famous stage take over? Turns out, even though I thought he was kidding, his rant on the E after party show, would say otherwise. Anywho..my next post will be on my Fifty Shades of Grey screening outfit. Yes, I'm one of those girls. 



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sag Awards Best Dressed

Always a little behind with posting, but these events can't go undocumented. I sit here typing during the Grammy commercials, I know what you may be thinking, this girl is always on the couch. Well yes to watch all of these lovely events that I am not yet lucky enough to go to..#truth. 

Back to the SAG awards,... my best dressed is, again, Emma Stone. She continues to bring something new to the carpets that I've never seen. She is my must watch on the Oscars carpet! I only wished I had thought of this look and had somewhere equally fabulous to where it. 

White is a hard color to wear in the best of days, but on a red carpet? It's bold, and certainly a risk, I think. It's an unforgiving color, it usually shows everything, and you have to be careful to the cut and fabric you're wearing. Reese does it flawlessly. She's a vision, with the simplistic accessories, she allows her bold dress to stay the focus. 

Julianne has worn green before despite the haters hatin'. Green and red hair looks beautiful, why mess with a good thing? I love the emerald green, and bead details to this dress. Accessories are on point, and her hair flowing with beachy waves is everything. 


I love a plunging neckline on a dress, especially when the wearer of the dress isn't super busty (makes me feel like I could pull it off). 

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Lenny Kravitz. Standing ovation. He is wearing that suit like it's his job. I just thought everyone needed to stare at him just for a little longer. You're welcome. 


                         all photos courtesy of eonline 


Monday, January 26, 2015

Golden Globes Best Dressed

Award season has begun, yet again, here I sit in my comfy chair drooling over these gorgeous gowns. When I choose my best dressed for a red carpet I look for originality (has this done before? does it work?), the fit and cut (is it fitted correctly? does it flatter their body type?), color, texture, and overall look (do the hair, make-up and accessories work with the gown? Or is it too much?)  

I've decided to no longer do worst dressed lists, because, well, it's negative. If I do not love the look, it won't be featured. I'll leave the bash-talking to Fashion Police....for now. Also, I just have to mention that the first episode of Fashion Police was struggle bus central, but now it's so on point. (insert clapping emoji here) No one could ever replace Joan Rivers, she knew fashion and comedy and  blended the two into pure magic television. 

Best dressed for the 2015 golden globes issssss.......EMMA STONE. She's effortlessly chic in this pant jumpsuit. I love when you think something is amazing, and then she turned around. (hand over mouth) There's a beautifully done bow in the back, just enough to add the touch of femininity. The bling bodice, head-to-toe perfection!



                               All photos courtesy of eonline.com 

                            SAG Awards best dressed to come..

                         Hope you're all staying safe in this blizzard! 




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