Monday, January 26, 2015

Golden Globes Best Dressed

Award season has begun, yet again, here I sit in my comfy chair drooling over these gorgeous gowns. When I choose my best dressed for a red carpet I look for originality (has this done before? does it work?), the fit and cut (is it fitted correctly? does it flatter their body type?), color, texture, and overall look (do the hair, make-up and accessories work with the gown? Or is it too much?)  

I've decided to no longer do worst dressed lists, because, well, it's negative. If I do not love the look, it won't be featured. I'll leave the bash-talking to Fashion Police....for now. Also, I just have to mention that the first episode of Fashion Police was struggle bus central, but now it's so on point. (insert clapping emoji here) No one could ever replace Joan Rivers, she knew fashion and comedy and  blended the two into pure magic television. 

Best dressed for the 2015 golden globes issssss.......EMMA STONE. She's effortlessly chic in this pant jumpsuit. I love when you think something is amazing, and then she turned around. (hand over mouth) There's a beautifully done bow in the back, just enough to add the touch of femininity. The bling bodice, head-to-toe perfection!



                               All photos courtesy of 

                            SAG Awards best dressed to come..

                         Hope you're all staying safe in this blizzard! 



Thursday, September 18, 2014


I haven't been as prompt as I would of liked posting about the Emmys, but nonetheless, here are some of my favorite looks. White and red were the colors of choice on the Emmys red carpet and all of the women looked amazing! Crop tops, cut-outs, and lace...nothing was off limits. I love the start of award season, mostly for the beautiful red carpet gowns, but it also means that Fall isn't far behind. It is my favorite season after all.

all images were provided by

"What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." - YSL 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014


All thanks to Beyoncé.

There were other people at the VMAs you say? Nope, not possible! Almost two weeks since the show aired, I can't stop thinking about her performance and her body suit. Just. stop. BeyoncĂ©. How are us regular girls supposed to get shit done if you're out there doing everything perfectly?! You know what ladies, let's take a note from Bey and bow down and respect. She gave the performance of her LIFE while shutting down divorce rumors.

Okay, REAL talk. How can I get my hands on this body suit? Or how do I go about making it? These are the questions that keep me up at night, but I'm going to make it happen. Who wouldn't want a casual bejeweled body suit for every day wear? Someone I can't be friends with, that's who.

Did anyone else see Blue dancing on Jay's lap?! AHH, if you missed it, scroll down. You're welcome.


Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, MTV VMA's

photos and video courtesy of eonline, huffington post, and red carpet fashion awards.

I have no words for this cuteness. I must go and rethink my entire life and practice my dance moves.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I think I'm FALLing for you

With the weather yanking at my heart strings, fall has finally arrived and seems to be hear to stay. And I couldn't be happier! The beautiful leaves have changed and begun to fall, the crisp air and gloomy skies; it's a reason for scarves and boots to resurface in your daily wardrobe. I can't imagine living anywhere other than the east coast, or a place that I am able to see nature change so beautifully right before my eyes.  Fall isn't just a physical change, it's an emotional/spiritual change for me as well. It's almost like a new time where we can start over once again; new season means new adventures! Hope you're all taking time to enjoy this beautiful time of year! :)

My fall wardrobe is comfy and ultimately about layering pieces. While I had family in, I wore this outfit to run some errands in (mall, grocery store, etc). I wore the scarf, which I borrowed from my lovely sister, as a shaw around my collared shirt. It added just enough warmth without having to add a sweater. My favorite recent purchase is the navy hat with gold detailing from Anthropologie, which I feel really tied the outfit together. My go-to cognac boots from macys was and always will be one of my best investment pieces. They go with any color, and I fancy the shade more than a dull brown. 

shirt: loft 
scarf: sisters
jeggings: american eagle
awesome hat: anthropologie
rad chair: marshalls 

Nearly three years after renovating the upstairs of my house, I am finally pulling pieces to personalize my bedroom. The first piece I bought was this blue and tan design chair from Marshalls. I love colors, with three walls being peachy pink and one wall being dark shade of red, bold/mix/match colors are what I have my eyes on. 

Looking forward for my next post on Birchbox, I signed up and received my October box yesterday! :) I will give my review of the overall box, and products inside!

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather so far!



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